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HAIRMOJI is a crafting kit for making hair tapestries. In case you missed it, hair tapestries are a super trendy flat, woven hair accessory that can be customized with different colours and designs to match your mood (or your outfit!) 

Following in the footsteps of 90’s mega-trend hair wraps, they are super colourful and very easy to remove but can last as long as a few days if you look after them!

HAIR TAPESTRY: how it came about

Hair tapestry was conceived by Bleach London founder Alex Brownsell in the summer of 2015. The look was crowned ‘Festival Hairstyle of the Year’ after being spotted on the tresses of tastemakers like Georgia May Jagger, Immy Waterhouse and Lou Teasdale. The technique became a viral sensation among beauty bloggers and crafty kids alike, with trend pieces popping up in fashion magazines and DIY tutorials all over YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest.

ABOUT The HaIrmoji tool

The Problem

Soon after the hair tapestry trend took the world by storm, we realised there was one thing holding it back: homemade/DIY looms are fiddly and difficult to use. Up until now, intrepid fashionistas had to experiment with different techniques and tools cobbled together from haberdasheries and DIY shops which made the process very confusing and quite niche.

Homemade loom

The Solution

HAiRMOJi has streamlined the process with an easy to use (and adorable) purpose-made loom tool that comes in a package which includes everything needed to create a fully customizable hair tapestry.

What's in the box

The HaiRMOJi pack includes the patented HaiRMOJi tool, 2 blunt weaving needles, 6 different coloured nylon threads for weaving, assorted beads for further customization and several step by step patterns to make creating tapestry designs easy and fun. Expansion packs and add-on accessories will be available in the coming months meaning unlimited possibilities for design and customisation.

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